Lawn Care in Kenosha

Brown patches, stubborn weeds, and bare spots are all common lawn problems that are tricky to fix on your own. That’s where All Season Lawn Care & Landscaping comes in! We’ve been helping people achieve beautiful lawns in Kenosha since 2001, and we’re here to help you too. With year-round visits and custom treatments, our full-service lawn care in Kenosha will have your landscaping looking better than ever.

Our lawn services include:

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Lawn disease treatment
  • Aeration and seeding
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Grub control
  • Lawn maintenance
  • And more!

Get a Great Lawn Without a Contract

No matter what your lawn needs, All Season has the solution for you! We offer comprehensive lawn care in Kenosha that includes everything from crabgrass treatment to weekly mowing. The best part is, it’s all available without a contract. You get to choose the services you want when you want them.

Local Lawn Care Experts

We’re proud to hire the best lawn care technicians around, and we’re not exaggerating! In addition to being friendly and helpful, our staff goes through rigorous training to prepare them for anything. All of our technicians are also fully certified, so you can feel confident your lawn is in good hands.

Lawn Fertilization in Kenosha

The backbone of a good lawn care program is proper fertilization and weed control. Both are necessary to support vibrant and lush turf in our harsh Wisconsin climate. To get the perfect mix of nutrients to best suit your soil and growing conditions, you either need to do hours of research and product mixing, or you can partner with the trained experts at All Season Lawn Care & Landscaping.

As part of our lawn fertilization service in Kenosha, you can expect:

  • An assessment of your lawn by our friendly technicians to determine the proper mix of nutrients necessary for optimal health.
  • Formulation of a custom fertilizer mix that is tailored to address your turf’s needs.
  • Properly applied treatments throughout the growing season to best support your grass.
  • A lawn that has increased resistance to disease and drought.

Weed Control in Kenosha

The presence of weeds isn’t just visually undesirable; weeds steal nutrients, water, and other resources from your grass. At All Seasons Lawn Care, we have proven weed treatments that get rid of weeds without having to go through the work of pulling them by hand. 

Our weed control in Kenosha consists of:

  • Pre-emergent treatments to stop weed seeds, such as crabgrass, from germinating.
  • Post-emergent applications to battle existing weeds, including dandelions and thistle.

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